I wanted to thank the many of you who have taken the time to respond 
to our University of Washington survey on use of prosthetic outcome 
measures in clinical practice. We've just passed 80% of our 
recruitment target, and we only need about 50 more people to respond 
to finish our study. If you haven't yet taken our survey, we really 
want to hear from you, whether or not you use outcome measures in 
your practice. Please take a few moments to take the survey - it 
should take you less than 15 minutes.

As a reminder, this study is open to all ABC and BOC Certified 
Prosthetists (CP), Prosthetist-Orthotists (CPO), and Prosthetic 
Assistants (CPA or CPOA). For every 20 people who complete the 
survey, we will do a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card. As an added 
bonus, we will also do a drawing for a $250 Amazon gift card from 
among all those who completed the survey when we reach our recruitment goal.

To complete the survey, or to find out more information about the 
study, please visit:

Thanks again to the many of you who have taken the survey, and to 
those of you who will help us reach our final goal for this important 
project. I really appreciate your help.

All my best,

Brian Hafner, PhD
University of Washington