AOPA was successful in convincing the CDC to add orthotists/prosthetists to its list of frontline workers who should be first in line for the vaccine, however, the CDC guidelines only serve as suggestions for the states – each state makes up their own guidelines. Some states have released guidelines that list orthotists, prosthetists, and others in our profession as in the first category of healthcare workers:

In these instances someone from the state or local hospital will be reaching out to O&P providers to schedule the vaccinations, but at this point we suggest contacting your state's Department of Health as soon as possible to confirm. 

If your state has not yet released guidelines we encourage you to also reach out to your Department of Health for guidance. 

AOPA is continuing to monitor this issue and will provide updates and guidance as it becomes available. If you have any questions, email AOPA's Director of Government Affairs, Justin Beland at